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For the Love of Camelot

27 February
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Disclaimer: This is a role-play account. I do not claim to be Gwen or Angel Coulby. I do not own Merlin or any of the characters. (Though I would love to!)

Character Info
Character: Gwen
Canon or Original: canon

Guinevere, who is normally referred to as Gwen, lives in Camelot where she serves as a maid to King Uther's ward, Morgana. Her father was recently sentenced to death under suspicion of working with a known warlock. Gwen nearly suffered the same fate of beheading or hanging shortly before when Uther thought she herself was a witch. (Which was proved as a moment of insanity. She was proven innocent by her friends.) She still lives in the cottage she shared with her father. Though she is Lady Morgana's maid, she is one of the Lady's closest friends and is very faithful to her. She is also good friends with Merlin who used to be the apprentice to the court physician Gaius and is now serving as Prince Arthur's man-servant. She thinks the now crowned Prince is a bit spoiled but has said she has faith in him and that he will make a fair and just king one day.

Guinevere has long dark brown curly hair she normally has pulled up in a bun along with brown, warm eyes.

Personality: Gwen is one of the most loyal and tender-hearted people in all of Camelot. She believes in the good in people and would never wish ill will on anyone, even King Uther who sentenced her father to death. She is very caring and a bit shy. (She tends to get a bit tongue tied around Merlin or Arthur.) She would do anything to protect her friends or to help them out such as when she and Morgana (and eventually Arthur) join Merlin in his attempt to save his original town. She will chastise people when she thinks they need it though normally mutters a quick apology and shows support when others need it.